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I found a remarkable cartoon on a Korean portal site,
It is one cut of a very famous web-cartoon named 'Jungle High School', which describes the life of students in a strange private high school whose 'show-me-the-money foundation' is corrupted, with satire.
(Due to copyright problems, I only link the cartoon webpage.)

It says,
This is one of 5 major causes for death in Korea.
It ranks at the top of death causes of the 30-aged males, and also the top of the 10-aged and 20-aged females.
The death rate by this disease is at the top level of the world,
it's still increasing at the moment.
But there are no treatment facilities for this disease,
even the actual death rate by it would be higher than surveyed because of negative views of our society to it.
Teenagers can be easily infected by this disease, and 30% of teenager death is by it.

This scary disease is suicide.

However, it does not need enormous cost or remarkable new drugs to be restored from it.

Is it a too big wish that there would be no suicides by entrance exams?
As I said to some of my foreign friends, competence of the entrance exam for universities is very high in South Korea. And she has the highest suicide rate among OECD countries.

There are 15622 comments at the time of writing, and most of them says that our new president Myeongbak Lee must see this cartoon. (He became the president of South Korea at just 3 days ago.) They hope that he will correct this situation.

The pressure on younger generation of Korea is notably high in the world. This is also one of most serious social problem in Korea.

How do you think about this?

ps. Why doesn't my MATLAB code end? OTL

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