Daybreakin Things

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For foreign friends who might read this blog, I announce(?) that I arrvied at South Korea, my home.


A sign in Incheon International Airport

I arrived here in the late evening of 22nd, June. The reason why I posted this so late is I just slept too much due to jet lags.

Still, I have to check my score sheet to be sent to my home university, but all other things related to 'the life in Sweden' is now finished. I have already applied for an internship program during the next semester, and I will find a job to replace my military duty in this winter.

It was a great experience to live in a foreign country, especially Sweden, such a well-developed one. It made my sight far broader. Now I know that the way of life has far more possibilities.

I think some of my friends who was in Sweden may have returned to their home countries or others are still staying there. I wish all your journeys to home with good luck! :D