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For those who have lived in Stockholm, these views will be very strange. In the near area of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, there are many many numbers of apartments because of high population density. (Seoul itself has about 11 million people, and its near area has also another 10 million people.)

View from my room

A view from my room's window

My home is approximately 40 km away from the city center of Seoul.

As you see in the photoes, there are also many mountains. Because 70% of Korean Peninsula is covered with mountains, it's hard to see flat horizons except few regions. But in Stockholm, you can see very far horizons when you are on high position such as Gröna Lund's Fritt Fall.

View of my town

My town.

This kind of high-density accommodation made it possible to spread broad-band networks over large populations very easily. So most of homes in the photoes has 100 Mbps internet connections via optic fibers attached to the main control room of each building.

Well, how about your homes? =)