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This article explains how to use Korean dictionaries to find out the meaning of new words you meet.

How to type Korean in your computer?

I think most of you, epsecially Western people, would have difficulties to get a Korean dictionary book with your native languages or English here. So I recommend you to use some free web dictionaries.

Before that, you should be able to input Korean characters on your computer. I found a good guide to do this.

For MacOSX, you can just activate Korean Input Method in the international panel of the system preferences dialog. You can also see character palettes to see which key is mapped which Hangul jamo.

Using free Kor-Eng/Eng-Kor web dictionaries

Now you can use Korean-English dictionaries on the web. I recommend you to use Naver English Dictionary. It's all Korean, but you should be able to find the input box in the main screen. You may type both Korean or English words to translate into each other.

Screenshot of Naver English Dictionary

You would see something similar to this if you have correctly installed Korean fonts.

For verbs and adjectives, you should use a default(dictionary) form, for example, '-하다'. I will explain the variation of Korean verbs soon.

Screenshot of Naver English Dictionary

An example of using it. If that word have multiple meanings or uses, then it shows a list of entries.

You may also try English words like this. For Chinese and Japanese people, Naver also provides Chinese/Japanese dictionary. Though these dictionaries are designed for Korean, but it might be more helpful for you than English ones.

  1. This website is the homepage of Declan's Korean learning software, but it's not free. (I don't pursue you to buy it, but for pronunciations and correct writing, it would be one of choices.) 

  2. If you installed Microsoft Office, then you can use the handwriting recognition tool in XP, too.